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Real Duck Canvas - the original sailcloth

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Duck canvas is real canvas, made from the tightly woven fibers of spun cotton. For centuries, our seafaring ancestors used it to make sails, covers, bags, clothing, hammocks and tents...

The A/O Canvas Sailor's Ditty Bag

In modern times, duck canvas is still the preferred choice for many demanding applications throughout the shipping and commercial fishing industries, and in the military.  Duck canvas is still used for everything from cargo covers to awnings... from windscreens to overcoats... from bags to tool belts and buckets of every description...

That's because duck canvas has certain properties that are unmatched, even by the best-known names in modern synthetic materials. Here's the short list:

  • Breathable when dry. Canvas prevents condensation and moisture buildup. No "greenhouse" effect.
  • Becomes increasingly waterproof as it becomes wet, as the soaked fibers swell to form a watertight seal.
  • Extremely rugged and abrasion resistant; doesn't scratch or tear easily
  • Natural composition, doesn't irritate skin or emit gasses when exposed to light or heat
  • Accepts but doesn't require chemical treatments like silicone or scotchguard

Rum Runner Seabags by Morris & Barth

Unless otherwise noted, all of our bags and equipment covers are constructed with heavy-duty, extra thick #8 natural duck canvas (18oz weight). This canvas is made from Double Filled, "Plied Yarn" fibers, which creates a tighter weave construction with a smoother texture than single fill cotton ducks. Double Filled Duck is the strongest and most durable canvas. We stock it in a variety of colors:

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Windjammer Seabag by Morris & Barth

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