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Morris & Barth - Key Largo to Ocala

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It's official...

We've moved our workshop from down in Key Largo, FL to a much larger and better equipped one in Ocala. Ocala is close to the boatyards in Green Cove Springs, plus both the Atlantic & Gulf coasts, and an easy drive to most anywhere in Florida.

If you happen to have one of our original ditty bags from Key Largo, be sure to hang on to it! We've polished up the old "Florida Keys" leather branding head for the last time, and carefully placed it in the "Morris & Barth ShipCanvas Museum" for posterity, right next to a Herreshoff anchor, some rusty chain, and a couple of British Seagull outboards... perhaps for future generations to gaze upon with reverence and awe. Or something like that (??).


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