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TSA Approved Seabags & Ditty Bags?


Traveling with Your Seabag

For as long as there has been commercial air travel, there have been sailors traveling with seabags. The seabag (a.k.a. ‘ditty bag’) is one of the oldest and best known types of luggage, generally characterized by its cylindrical shape and a drawstring-type closure which doubles as the carry strap.

Carry-On Bag Requirements:

M&B SHIPCANVAS bags are built in accordance with TSA guidelines for carry-on luggage. If used as a laptop computer bag, the TSA reserves the right to require the laptop to be removed and screened separately. However if the only item in your bag is the laptop, then it falls under the 2008 'checkpoint friendly' guidelines, which generally means you won't be required to remove the laptop for separate screening.

All other TSA policies remain in effect including restrictions on sharp items, weapons, liquids, incendiary devices, batteries, etc. For security purposes, some of the TSA inspection protocols remain undisclosed to the public. As always, the TSA maintains the right to inspect the contents of any carry-on bag, with or without providing a reason, if the agent on duty deems it prudent.

Beware of False Claims:

The TSA does not certify, approve or endorse specific bag designs or bag manufacturers. Any seller or manufacturer who claims of a “TSA Approved Bag” is making a false statement. In other words, despite widespread use of the phrase "TSA Approved Bag," there is no such legal classification. The TSA reserves the right to screen and re-screen any bag, regardless of the design or manufacturer of the bag.

Our Company Position:

M&B SHIPCANVAS has never had a problem, nor have we received any report from our customers regarding any problem getting through TSA security checkpoints with our bags. In our experience, we have observed that while the TSA is concerned with what's inside your bag... they are generally not interested in the bag itself or who made it.

For more information and travel tips, we recommend checking the official TSA website:


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