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Rum Runner Seabags

Rum Runner Seabags by Morris & Barth

The Rum Runner is a heavy duty seabag constructed of 18oz canvas duck with a luxurious, oil-tanned leather bottom...

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Available in 3 Sizes

 Bag Size  Interior Volume Typical Uses Replaces
Size 00
8 x 12"
603 cu. in.
2.6 gal (US)
Carries personal effects, handheld tools & electronics, bottled beverages, rigging items, camera, iPad, small grocery items, fishing gear, first-aid supplies, ammo, etc. small backpack, tool bag, kit bag, rigger's bag, handbag or purse
Size 1
10 x 16"
1257 cu. in.
5.4 gal (US)
Ship-to-Shore/ Dinghy/Excursion bag. Holds any of the above plus a small laptop, change of clothes, books, larger rigging items & gear, bagged groceries, jacket or sweater, etc. standard backpack, messenger bag, crossbody bag, +carry-on luggage
Size 2
12" x 20"
2262 cu. in.
9.8 gal (US)
All purpose sea bag for long weekends, passagemaking, etc. Packs & protects bulkier items like foul weather gear & chartbooks, with still more room for personal effects. Also makes a great provisioning and cargo bag for hauling groceries, ice, laundry, etc. duffle bag, XL backpack, +carry-on luggage

"From Tall Ships to Tiki huts... From the winter gales of the North Sea to the sunny harbors of St. Somewhere... The Rum Runner is ready for your next Adventure!"

The Rum Runner is a heavy duty seabag constructed of 18oz canvas duck with a luxurious, oil-tanned leather bottom. It features a vintage New England rope lanyard that's fully adjustable, and enables the bag to be carried or worn in up to 5 different positions:

  • Cross-body
  • Over the shoulder
  • As a Backpack
  • As a Duffel bag
  • As a Tote bag

Rum Runner Specifications:

  • 18oz canvas duck available in 4 colors
  • Thick, oil-tanned leather bottom & reinforcements
  • Adjustable length (14' max) *New England rope lanyard, rated 2000#
  • Interior Storm Flap with Cargo Pocket
  • Marine-grade, heavy duty Spur grommets
  • Type 316L Stainless Steel marine snap shackle, rated 800#
  • (2) Solid copper sliders to keep bag securely closed
  • Leather utility loop for attaching keys, rigging knife, etc.
  • Heat-branded leather badge
  • Individual Serial Number
  • Hand-built by Morris & Barth, Ocala FL (USA)
  • Signed Builder's Certificate + Lifetime Warranty

    *Also available with natural Hemp rope lanyard



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