Traditional Seabags & Ditty Bags
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Seabag & Ditty Bag Size Chart

All M&B Seabags & Ditty Bags include a Storm Flap to keep interior contents dry, plus an integrated Cargo Pocket for organizing smaller items (phone, wallet, passport, etc).

 Bag Size  Interior Volume Typical Uses Replaces
Size 00
8 x 12"
603 cu. in.
2.6 gal (US)
Carries personal effects, handheld tools & electronics, bottled beverages, rigging items, camera, iPad, small grocery items, fishing gear, first-aid supplies, ammo, etc. small backpack, tool bag, kit bag, rigger's bag, handbag, etc.
Size 1
10 x 16"
1257 cu. in.
5.4 gal (US)
Ship-to-Shore/ dinghy/ excursion bag. Holds any of the above plus a small laptop, change of clothes, books, larger rigging items & gear, bagged groceries, jacket or sweater, etc. standard backpack, messenger bag, crossbody bag, +medium carry-on bag
Size 2
12" x 20"
2262 cu. in.
9.8 gal (US)
All purpose sea bag for long weekends, passagemaking, etc. Packs & protects bulkier items like foul weather gear & chartbooks, with still more room for personal effects. Also makes a great provisioning and cargo bag for hauling groceries, ice, laundry, etc. duffle bag, large pack, expedition bag, +large carry on bag

TSA Regulations: Ditty Bags, Seabags & Carry On Luggage

Traveling with Your Seabag

M&B SHIPCANVAS bags are built in accordance with TSA guidelines for carry-on luggage. If used as a laptop computer bag, the TSA reserves the right to require the laptop to be removed and screened separately. However if the only item in your bag is the laptop, then it falls under the 2008 'checkpoint friendly' guidelines, which generally means you won't be required to remove the laptop for separate screening.

All other TSA policies remain in effect including restrictions on sharp items, weapons, liquids, incendiary devices, batteries, etc. For security purposes, some of the TSA inspection protocols remain undisclosed to the public. As always, the TSA maintains the right to inspect the contents of any carry-on bag, with or without providing a reason, if the agent on duty deems it prudent.

For more information and travel tips, we recommend checking the official TSA website:




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