Traditional Seabags & Canvas Ditty Bags
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Waxed Canvas Ditty Bags

The Cape Hatteras Waxed Canvas Ditty Bag is patterned after our popular A/O Sailor's Ditty Bag. The only difference is the material. For those who prefer waxed canvas, the new Cape Hatteras is constructed of highly water repellent 10/16oz (finish weight) canvas, with a double-layered bottom for extra durability.

Although our other bags are also water repellent, the use of paraffin-based wax treatment takes it a step further. Water beads right off, and much like the 'oilskin' type foul weather gear from the past, there is a mild but distinctive aroma, and a certain old-world patina to these bags which makes them especially unique. 

As is the case with all M&B SHIPCANVAS bags, the Cape Hatteras is entirely hand-built in the traditional way, with heavy leather reinforcements, solid brass grommets, and a proper New England rope lanyard. Each bag is individually numbered and includes a Lifetime Warranty.



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