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Windjammer Seabags

Windjammer Series Ditty Bags by Morris & Barth

Quite simply the world's finest sea bag.

The Windjammer is a premiere seabag that offers the highest levels of utility and maritime tradition. Featuring a rich, oil-tanned leather bottom and a matching leather centreband, its extra-stout construction includes multiple reinforcements, hand-cranked stitching and leather chafe patches throughout -


  • 18oz Duck Canvas available in 3 sizes and 5 colors
  • Oil-tanned leather bottom, centerband and reinforcements
  • Heavy-duty #138 (FF) sailmaking thread, hand-tied zig-zag stitching
  • New England rope lanyard rated 2000#
  • Monkey's Fist center knot
  • Interior storm flap with cargo pocket.
  • Stainless utility shackle for keys, knife, flashlight, etc.
  • Heat-branded leather badge & individual Serial Number
  • Hand-built by Morris & Barth, Ocala, FL (USA)
  • Signed Builder's Certificate + Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in 2 versions - Windjammer Sea Bag  or Windjammer ELITE
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    Available in 3 sizes

     Bag Size  Interior Volume Typical Uses Replaces
    Size 00
    8 x 12"
    603 cu. in.
    2.6 gal (US)
    Carries personal effects, handheld tools & electronics, bottled beverages, rigging items, camera, iPad, small grocery items, fishing gear, first-aid supplies, ammo, etc. small backpack, tool bag, kit bag, rigger's bag, handbag or purse
    Size 1
    10 x 16"
    1257 cu. in.
    5.4 gal (US)
    Ship-to-Shore/ Dinghy/ Excursion bag. Holds any of the above plus a small laptop, change of clothes, books, larger rigging items & gear, bagged groceries, jacket or sweater, etc. standard backpack, messenger bag, crossbody bag, +carry-on luggage
    Size 2
    12" x 20"
    2262 cu. in.
    9.8 gal (US)
    All purpose sea bag for long weekends, passagemaking, etc. Packs & protects bulkier items like foul weather gear & chartbooks, with still more room for personal effects. Also makes a great provisioning and cargo bag for hauling groceries, ice, laundry, etc. duffle bag, XL backpack,
    +carry-on luggage


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