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Spun Dacron Heaving Line w/ Monkey's Fist

Available in 60' or 100' length

Spun Dacron Heaving Line w/ Monkey's Fist

$ 67.25


A proper heaving line made from 1/4" New England Spun Dacron yacht rigging rope. Low stretch, 1300lb tensile strength. Rugged and abrasion resistant. Excellent performance in windy & rough conditions.

Features a traditional, 5-finger Monkey's Fist knot, tightly formed over a 2-ounce spherical core, then spliced and tapered into the standing part. The bitter end also has a spliced eye for easy attachment to docklines, warps, lanyards, tow bridles, buoyant devices, etc.

Includes branded leather tag with marked length.

Available in 60' length (standard) or 100' (extra long)

60' vs. 100'

Normally a heaving line should be thrown 'past' its target. When used from the deck of a small-craft (under 65'), the advantage of 100-feet vs. 60 feet is not necessarily that the full coil will be thrown; but that there will be less resistance (or snap-back) when the line has fully extended to reach its target. 

Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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