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Captain Currey Rigging Knife Kits

Captain Charles Currey (CBE, RN), established his company in 1946 by redesigning the Royal Navy knife and making it in stainless steel. As part of this redesign, Captain Currey invented the famous 'Lockspike' action and the patented 'Shackle Opening Slot.' Today the company continues to make the famous Currey Lockspike Knives, plus some of the world's finest Sheath Knife Kits & Tools for offshore sailors and marine professionals.

M&B SHIPCANVAS CO. is proud to be an authorized USA distributor for Currey Ltd. products. We also stock a full complement of individual spares and accessories.


"Mr. Morris:  As a thrifty and somewhat knowledgeable consumer, I believe that it is my responsibility to give credit when credit is due.   Sadly and all too often in our throw away society, the few "good guys" in manufacturing and retail with good products and prices, are too often lost in the background noise of mediocrity and poor value.  M&B SHIPCANVAS, your business and products easily deserved the humble accolade that I wrote..   Thank you sir for your efforts.    N.G."




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