Seabags & Ditty Bags by Morris & Barth
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Traditional Seabags & Ditty Bags


Sailor Made. Built in the USA.

Welcome to SHIPCANVAS. Founded by sailors Ed Morris and Steve Barth, we produce traditional rigging and canvaswork for ships and yachts, plus hand-built seabags and ditty bags for the crew. Nothing here is mass-produced - Each bag is built to withstand the extremes of everyday life at sea and ashore, using only the finest and most seaworthy materials including real duck canvas, oil-tanned leather and genuine New England rope.

M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.  3512 E. Silver Springs Blvd. #85  Ocala, FL 34470 USA    +1 352-289-3026    toll free +1 800-758-6979

Featured Seabags, Ditty Bags & Accessories

Sailor Bag - Morris & Barth
Rum Runner Seabag - M&B SHIPCANVAS CO. - Ditty Bags
Windjammer Seabag by Morris & Barth - M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.
Windjammer Elite - Ditty Bags - 1
Spun Dacron Heaving Line w/ Monkey's Fist
A/O Sailor's Ditty Bag - Ditty Bags - 1
Rum Runner Seabag Set - 3 Bags (Dark Olive / Drab -ODG)
Captain Currey 2-Piece Rigging Knife Marlin Spike Kit - SHIPCANVAS.COM
Monkey's Fist Knot with Leather Grip - Morris & Barth
Snapshackle Keyring FOB - M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.
5-Piece Rigger's Knife Kit by Captain Currey - Morris & Barth #41495
Captain's Rigging Knife Set by Morris & Barth [SHIPCANVAS.COM]
Sold Out Sailmaker's Leather by the Square Foot
Original Currey Lockspike Bosun Knife #02903
Captain Currey Rigging Knife Kit with Marlinespike, Pliers + Sheath
Turks Head Knot Bracelet by Morris & Barth
Oil-tanned Marine Leather from M&B SHIPCANVAS
1/8" New England Vintage 3-Strand Rope
Rigging Knife Lanyard with Sliding Turks Head Knot
Currey Lockspike Captain Rigging Knife
Turks Head Bracelet by Morris & Barth
3.75" Stainless Rigging Knife w/ Marlinspike
Currey Deckhand Knife at SHIPCANVAS.COM #02901
Marine Heaving Line with Monkey's Fist Knot


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