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Made in the USA.
Welcome to SHIPCANVAS...
Founded by sailors Ed Morris and Steve Barth, we produce traditional rigging for ships and yachts, plus hand-crafted ditty bags and seabags for the crew. Nothing here is copied or merely 'styled to appear' nautical - we only build the real thing. Each bag is built in accordance with the finest and most seaworthy traditions of American sailmaking and marlinspike... including hand-tied stitching, sewn leather reinforcements and genuine New England rope. 

Have a question or special request? Custom projects are completed within just a few days, and we ship worldwide. Please contact us here, or enjoy browsing our featured selections below -
M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.  101425 Overseas Hwy #264,  Key Largo, FL 33037 USA +1 305-396-8535    toll free +1 800-758-6979

100' coiled heaving line - New England spun dacron rope
Sailor Ditty Bag - SHIPCANVAS
Sale Rum Runner Seabag
Sale Windjammer Elite Ditty Bag by SHIPCANVAS
Genuine US Navy Watch Cap - Government Issue (BLACK)
Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Knife
Captain Currey 2-Piece Rigging Knife Marlin Spike Kit - SHIPCANVAS.COM
Classic Yachting Attire - Breton Stripe Sailor Shirt
Snapshackle Keyring FOB - M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.
Sale Chunky Monkey Fist Heaving Line Knot by SHIPCANVAS.COM
US Navy Mark 1 Deck Knife
Sale Wool Guernsey Sweater made in England
DHR Trawler Lamp 8201/O at SHIPCANVAS
US Government Issue MX991/U Anglehead Flashlight
Sale Turks Head Knot Bracelet by Morris & Barth
Navy Peacoat at SHIPCANVAS
Sailmaker's Leather by the Square Foot
Oil-tanned Marine Leather from M&B SHIPCANVAS
Sale Navigator L/S Shirt
Sale Windjammer Seabag by Morris & Barth - M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.
sounding lead weights
Captain Currey Rigging Knife Lanyard with Sliding Turks Head Knot
Sale Guernsey Sweater - 100% Pure British Wool Fisherman's Sweater
Heavy-Duty Heaving Line w/ Monkey's Fist Knot
brass zippo lighter at SHIPCANVAS
1/8" New England Vintage Rope
Sale US Military Issue #2205 Pocket Knife
Captain Currey Sailcloth Smock - Chichester UK
Quartermaster Monkey Fist Knot by SHIPCANVAS
EITC Ships Cargo Lamp - Solid Brass
Sale Sheffield Bowie Knife Kit w/ Marlinspike and Leather Sheath
Jolly Roger Seabag on display Key Largo, Florida