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Rigging Knives, Marlinspikes & Special Accessories

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M&B SHIPCANVAS is pleased to share from our collection of rigging knives, marlin spikes and special accessories.
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Explanation of features > What makes a proper rigging knife?

The most defining feature of a traditional rigging knife is probably its blunt tip "sheepsfoot blade." Unlike a sharp-tipped pocket knife or hunting blade, the idea behind this special blade design is to reduce the possibility of getting accidentally 'jabbed' while working and moving around aboard the ship.

The other, more subtle advantage of this blade design is that it carries a perfectly straight edge. This enables a rigger to place a line on a cutting block... then set the blade on the line exactly where he wants it... and then strike the top of the blade with a mallet. With a little bit of practice, this produces an extra-clean cut without sawing and damaging the line.

The marlinspike is another key feature. The spike is usually several inches long and is quite useful to help free unwanted knots in a hurry, particularly if the knot has been repeatedly soaked and strained over the course of time. The other use is for rope-splicing (3-strand), where the spike will be inserted between strands to loosen things up and create working room for the "tucks" while completing the splice.

A good rigging knife will also have a "lanyard bail" for attaching a light line or a pull loop. With a lanyard, the knife can be tied to its owner and always ready for action without risk of getting dropped overboard.

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