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Made in USA
Welcome to SHIPCANVAS...
 Founded by sailors Ed Morris and Steve Barth, we produce traditional rigging for ships and yachts, plus hand-crafted ditty bags and seabags for the crew. Nothing here is copied or merely 'styled to appear' nautical - we only build the real thing. Each bag is built in accordance with the finest and most seaworthy traditions of American sailmaking and marlinspike... including hand-tied stitching, sewn leather reinforcements and genuine New England rope. 

Have a question or special request? Custom projects are completed within just a few days, and we ship worldwide. Please contact us here, or enjoy browsing our featured selections below -

M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.  101425 Overseas Hwy #264,  Key Largo, FL 33037 USA +1 305-396-8535    toll free +1 800-758-6979

18oz. Duck Canvas Colors

Seabag Size Chart

 Bag Size  Interior Volume Notes: Compare with:
Size 00
8 x 12"
603 cu. in.
2.6 gal (US)
Carries personal effects, handheld tools & electronics, bottled beverages, rigging items, camera, iPad, small grocery items, fishing gear, first-aid supplies, etc. small backpack, tool bag, kit bag, rigger's bag, handbag, etc.
Size 1
10 x 16"
1257 cu. in.
5.4 gal (US)
Ship-to-Shore/ dinghy/ excursion bag. Holds a small laptop, change of clothes, books, larger rigging items & gear, bagged groceries, ice, etc. adult-size backpack, messenger bag, crossbody bag, +medium carry-on bag
Size 2
12" x 20"
2262 cu. in.
9.8 gal (US)
All purpose sea bag for long weekends, passagemaking, etc. Packs & protects bulkier items like foul weather gear & chartbooks, with still more room for personal effects. Also makes a great provisioning and cargo bag for hauling groceries, ice, laundry, etc. duffle bag, large pack, expedition bag, +large carry on bag
Size 3T
14" x 28"
4310 cu. in.
18.6 gal (US)
Voyager XL Seabag / Duffel




Canvas & Leather - Traditional Hand-built Ditty Bags & Seabags by Morris & Barth

A leather reinforced classic... A/O features a 12' New England rope lanyard rated at 2000# > more info



The Rum Runner is a heavy-duty seabag with a luxurious, oil-tanned leather bottom > more info



The Windjammer Seabag by Morris & Barth

The Windjammer is a premiere seabag with all the bells and whistles!... > more info


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M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.  101425 Overseas Hwy #264   Key Largo FL (USA) 33037
  +1 305-396-8535    toll free +1 800-758-6979