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Heaving Lines

Heaving Lines for boats, ships, yachts and trawlers. M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.

M&B SHIPCANVAS offers genuine Heaving Lines, each one featuring a Monkey's Fist knot that's tightly formed over a 2oz. spherical core. Each line also includes tapered splices at both ends, plus a branded leather tag which is marked with the exact length. Choose between premium quality New England yacht-rigging rope, or pure Hemp 3-strand. Click any product below for more pictures, details and specifications -

60' vs. 100' > Which length is better?

It depends on how the heaving line will be used, the size of the vessel, and what the anticipated need for 'range' will be. Smaller craft tend to be more maneuverable in close quarters and may not need the extra length. Large vessels will typically benefit from a longer heaving line, as will vessels that have a relatively high freeboard (height; as measured from waterline to deck).

The thing to keep in mind is that normally a heaving line should be thrown 'past' its target. Sometimes, the advantage of 100-feet vs. 60 feet is not necessarily that the full coil will be thrown; but that there will be less resistance (or snap-back) when the line has fully extended to reach its target.



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