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5/16" New England Vintage 3 Strand Rope

DIY heaving lines, Monkey Fists, etc.

5/16" New England Vintage 3 Strand Rope

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Do-it-Yourself Heaving Lines, Monkey Fists, and
Running Rigging on Classic Sailboats

Vintage 3-strand combines the rugged good looks of hemp with the performance of a contemporary yacht-rigging rope. USA made by New England Rope Company and constructed of 100% soft spun polyester Dacron. Low stretch. Impervious to the elements and rot-proof. Easily spliced.

5/16" diameter

2000 lb. minimum tensile strength

Sold by the foot - cut by the continuous (total) length ordered. Quantities can be updated in the shopping cart. Or select a full 600' spool from the dropdown menu (save 20% by the spool). 

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COMMENTS: If you're planning to build a heaving line, it is recommended to add between 12-15 feet of extra rope to accommodate for the Monkey's Fist and eye splices. For example, a 60' heaving line will usually require 72-75 feet of rope. A 100' heaving line will require 112-115' feet of rope... depending on several factors including how tightly you form the Monkey's Fist and the spliced eye(s).


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Building a Heaving Line

What is a heaving line, and how is it used?

A heaving line is a length of rope that has been configured for ease of throwing, and to carry itself efficiently through the air, sometimes long distances across the water. It is normally attached to, and used for sending, a much heavier line across the open distance between a vessel and a pier, or between two vessels.

For example, whereas it may be impossible to toss a thick, 40' dockline to the fuel dock attendant on a breezy day, it is quite easy to send the heaving line in those same conditions. Once the attendant has received the heaving line, he simply uses it to "pull" the heavy dockline line to himself so that it can be made off to a piling or cleat in the usual way.

Although most small-craft skippers regard the heaving line as something to be used only as an emergency measure, it can also be used to prevent an emergency by allowing the skipper to keep a safer distance between his vessel and the pier, whenever conditions call for it.

60' vs. 100' vs. 150' > Which length is best?

It depends on how the heaving line will be used, as there might be several factors involved, including the anticipated need for 'range' and the size and maneuverability of the vessel itself.

Generally, small-craft and recreational vessels tend to be maneuverable enough in close quarters and may not need more than 60-feet.  Larger vessels and yachts will almost always benefit from a longer heaving line (100'), as will vessels that have a relatively high freeboard (height; as measured from waterline to deck). 100-feet is also a good, working length for most commercial trawlers, towboats and rescue boats.

Ships, tugs, and extra-large yachts with ample deckspace and the occasional need for maximum range will appreciate the 150' length, which also happens to be about the longest distance that a heaving line can be tossed manually... and that by a skilled deckhand with a good arm. NOTE: For 150-foot heaving lines, we recommend a maximum of 1/4" rope diameter

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An important point to keep in mind is that normally a heaving line should be thrown 'past' its intended target. Sometimes, the advantage of a longer heaving line is not necessarily that the full coil will be thrown; but that there will be less resistance (or snap-back) when the line has fully extended to reach its target.


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