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TSA Approved Seabags & Ditty Bags?


M&B SHIPCANVAS bags are built in accordance with TSA guidelines for carry-on luggage.

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The A/O Sailor's Ditty Bag > Builder's Comments & Specs

Canvas Ditty Bags Key Largo Morris & Barth Sailcloth Sailing Seabags Traditional

"...there couldn't be any zippers, snaps or velcro to wear out - Instead we went with a 2000# rated New England rope lanyard, which is laced through ten separate fully reinforced Spur grommets that cinch tightly around the entire structure of the...


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Offshore Sailing & Seamanship... Man OVERBOARD!

Morris & Barth Offshore Voyaging Safety at Sea Sailing Seamanship Singlehanding

A safety at sea article for offshore sailors, detailing the proper use of safety harnesses and a 4-part system for man overboard prevention.

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2016 Pirate Festivals in Florida


Cap'n Dennis of SHIPCANVAS.COM would like to extend special thanks to all of our friends who attended the Fishermen's Village Pirate Festival in Punta Gorda, as well as the 2016 Pirate Gathering in St. Augustine. Thanks for making 2016 a great year and... See you in 2017!

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Bag closures: What... no velcro?

Ditty Bags Seabags Traditional

Bag closures... What no velcro? In our opinion, the use of hook and loop (velcro) fasteners is something to be avoided on a ditty or seabag. Here are a few reasons: Velcro loses its grip when wet. It also loses its strength over time and with use... each time it is pulled apart it becomes a little less 'grippy' Velcro makes a loud noise when it's opened, which can be an undesirable feature in certain situations when you'd like to get into your bag quietly Velcro is made of nylon, which does not hold up well in strong UV sunlight...

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