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Back to the Good 'ol Days with Captain Currey Knives

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SHIPCANVAS is proud of our association with Charles Currey, Ltd., a British company which has been manufacturing rigging knives and sheath kits since 1946. Each Currey knife is still built one-at-a-time by their small crew of skilled craftsmen in Chichester, England.

In the past 70+ years of production, nothing has changed... the Currey of 2019 is the same as the Currey of 1946. The designs are simple, honest and correct... the materials are first-rate English... the blades are hand-ground to a fine edge.

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"Mr. Morris:  As a thrifty and somewhat knowledgeable consumer, I believe that it is my responsibility to give credit when credit is due.   Sadly and all too often in our throw away society, the few "good guys" in manufacturing and retail with good products and prices, are too often lost in the background noise of mediocrity and poor value.  M&B SHIPCANVAS, your business and products easily deserved the humble accolade that I wrote..   Thank you sir for your efforts.    N.G."



2-piece Rigger's Kit with knife, marlinspike and sheath


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