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A/O Sailor Bag

The A/O Sailor's Ditty Bag:

  • Heavy duty 15oz & 18oz canvas duck construction
  • Oil-tanned leather reinforcements
  • 12-foot length, fully adjustable New England rope lanyard, rated #2000
  • Solid copper slider to keep bag securely closed
  • Marine-grade, solid brass spur grommets
  • Leather utility loop for attaching keys, rigging knife, etc
  • Interior Storm Flap with cargo pocket
  • Heat-branded leather badge
  • Individual serial number
  • Washable in fresh or salt water
  • Hand-built by Morris & Barth, Ocala FL (USA)
  • Includes signed Builder's Certificate

Builders' Comments:
"...we originally designed this to be the ultimate "Ship to Shore" bag while cruising down in the Florida Keys. We needed a bag that could handle groceries, trips to the hardware store, foul weather gear; just about everything really. It had to work for getting back and forth across the harbor in any weather, jumping on a bicycle and riding 10 or 20 miles round trip, or hiking long distances up and down the shoulders of A1A. It had to be versatile enough to be carried in different ways depending on the situation... Wearing it in the "crossbody" position (across the back) is especially useful around the water because it can't slip off your shoulders and won't get fouled in the rigging if you're climbing around on deck...

"...above all it had to be tough. Tough enough to withstand frequent downpours, intense UV sunlight and the constant, daily abuse of getting thrown around in the dinghy, on the docks and so forth. Obviously there could be no zippers, snaps or velcro to wear out - Instead we went with a 2000# rated New England rope lanyard, which is laced through ten separate fully reinforced Spur grommets that cinch tightly around the entire structure of the bag. We use all marine hardware - solid brass and copper so there's nothing to rust and in fact - the A/O Sailor bag can be washed in salt water, which is a real plus...

"...the leather loop which is built into the upper cuff is great for snapping on your keys, but our reason for it is to attach a waterproof marker light. Anyone who's tried to cross a busy harbor at night in a small dinghy will immediately appreciate this feature..."

"...the heavy canvas duck is breathable, but tight. If it starts raining, the water beads right off. If you really soak it, the fibers swell to make a watertight seal which is inherent to the material itself. Just like a canvas bucket..."

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The A/O Sailor's Ditty Bag

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