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Clamdog's Corner

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Hello Ed, I am proud to own this sea bag, and glad that I ran across you guys.  - Tom
clamdog hunts for lobster off the Maine coast
Clamdog (Tom G.) hunts for lobster off the coast of Maine (summer 2017)


Re: A/O Sailor - Classic Canvas Ditty Bag
Submitted by Tom G.... aka "CLAMDOG"

Ahoy Ed and Steve, Let me tell you what happened.

The ditty bag that I ordered from you is not mine, it won't be mine until my birthday on Dec 23. My wife lets me pick out my birthday gifts,(I'm fussy). BUT I don't get it until my birthday (She's fussy about THAT).

So... She had to go out of town this past weekend to babysit our grandchildren. What was I to do? I had to see how the bag carried, right? WE all know how important that is, right? How was I going to sleep until I knew, right?

So.....yesterday, I took the bag out of the shipping box. I put a heavy wool sweater in it and my foul weather jacket for bulk. Then I put in my camera and an extra lens for weight.

So off I went to a walking and running trail near my house. I hadn't walked 150 yards when a Woman runner passed me from behind. She gave me a long uncomfortable look as she passed. I was thinking, what the h*** is her problem? Then she stopped ahead of me,turned and started walking  back to me....      And then I knew........She must be a P.I. hired by my wife to see if I tampered with my birthday gift. She said mind if I ask you a question? (Oh crap here it comes)…...................      

"Where did you buy that bag you're carrying?"    

And that is how I Gave out my first M&B business card    BUT, I will give out many more when I am on Cape Cod the last two weeks of June through the first two weeks of July and the week before and week of The Great Provincetown schooner regatta, Aug/sept.

PS. I may have said a good word or two about M&B while I was talking with her    Keep in touch , Tom


Canvas & Leather - Traditional Hand-built Ditty Bags & Seabags by Morris & Barth

A leather reinforced, classic ditty bag. Water repellent and much stronger than any store bought backpack or shoulder bag  > more info


Ahoy gang,
    #1.   Sorry if you received more than one of the same email that I sent.  When I use your contact page, I have to prove that I'm not a robot and I don't do well at it. I never know if it was sent.
     #2.  You may use anything that I send to you, to help you get out there. I have never dealt with another outfit like you. I almost never leave reviews, other than short one's on ebay, but something compelled me to, with you guys. I Can tell by the stellar reviews on you're site that you have a faithful following and I am proud to be part of it.
     #3  did you make a rope sailors belt for yourself? Or is it a matter of the plumber whose toilet doesn't work ?
I think you should sell them, but I'm not the one taking the risk that they won't sell.
     #4 a few months ago when I purchased the Capt Currey 3 piece from you, I just left a polite feedback.
I had been trying for 2yrs to order one off of their British site but I was repeatedly blocked from completing the order. I'm glad now that I was, because I never would have known about M&B .
     #5 I hope I didn't blow so much smoke up your *** that you ascend into heaven,
before you see what the devil has to offer.

Talk to ya later,



Ahoy Ed,

The sea bag came this a.m. It is the top of the line... nobody comes close to making anything like it. You can see it was "built" by a craftsman. It is a work of art, that takes you back to the time  of sailing ships,when sailors carried all they owned, needed, or held dear in one very  much like it. I can't wait to show it off. I'm a customer for life. Thanks clamdog




Re: Low Rider Monkey's Fist
Re: Ashley #1323 Turks Head Sailor's Bracelet

Submitted by Tom G.... aka "CLAMDOG"

Ahoy Ed and Steve,  Arrived today. Your workmanship is impeccable. Their is nothing out there like it.    I took no offence. I was going to add "or son, but I didn't want  to offend your mothers. Steve and I must have touched chromosomes at sometime.   Thank you again I really appreciate it and thank you for sending me the " sample " of rope, ALL 6 FEET of it. However, I don't expect you to pay the shipping on such small orders in the future, ya gotta make a buck! I noticed you  don't have  reviews on these items so I've written one:

Low rider monkey's fist:  I never intend to heave a line into the ocean with this monkey's fist, (and get it stained by harbour sludge or seaweed).  I probably will never Bean some lubber, in a brawl at some hops and barley brothel on the Bowery,(and get it blood stained). What I will do,is appreciate it for what it is. It is an object of art, made by a master rigger from Morris and Barth, and a hell of a conversion starter when carried on your sea bag.  Clamdog

Clamdog's A/O Sailor Bag... all decked out with a Low Rider Monkey's Fist plus his keys and rigging knife. Ready for action!



Ashley's #1323 sailor's bracelet:     If you are reading this review, then you probably like sailor's bracelets,like I do.This is the real McCoy, top of the line.


Clamdog's new cap!

Hello all,

What do you think of my new cap?

I had to add a visor braid and side buttons,and cut a small hole in the lining to remove a foam stiffener.

It was a little big for a medium so I added a Velcro reducer on the headband.

Not bad for $12.50?

Sorry the camera sucks on my Kindle.

Talk to you later, tom


Re: Clamdog's New England Rope Belt

Clamdog's New England Rope Belt

Ahoy Ed and Steve,

I made my rope belt yesterday. What do you think? Tell Steve to stop laughing, I'm not a rigger.

It matches my ditty bag pretty well. Thanks again for the rope

Man you are young!  Tom



On October 22, 2017, at 8:44 AM, "M&B SHIPCANVAS CO." <> wrote:


Mornin' Tom,


If anybody is hiding in that picture, it's probably June (Steve's wife)... We never hide Steve's mug if we can help it. Great for business. Everywhere he goes people run up to him all the time... total strangers... just to yank on his beard and ask him about his bag. Black, white, young, old, male, female... I kid you not. But anyway I believe you might have me confused with somebody else. I'm nowhere near as popular as Steve is, but I'm much, much younger. And I can prove it. Well, sort of:

Ed Morris (Deltaville, VA 1973)

Ed Morris (Ocala, FL   2018)


-----Original Message-----

From: tom g

Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2017 8:16 PM


Subject: Re: post office drama


Ahoy Ed,

Speaking of photos,there is a photo on your blog that looks like it was taken at a boat show. It shows a guy With a blue shirt,tan ball cap and shorts.Is that you? If it is,why did you make the other poor bastard hide behind a sea bag ? in back of you on your right


and is that poor bastard your so called best friend steve

 Shame on you, Tom


On October 21, 2017, at 6:01 PM, "M&B SHIPCANVAS CO." <> wrote:


Ahoy Tom,

While making a package drop at the local post office, June came across another picture of Steve, taken many years ago before the beard...

According to her, it was hanging on the wall - just above one of the shipping tables. When she was quite sure that no one was looking, she tore it down, stuffed it in her ditty bag, and then (bolted) for the door.

Enjoy your evening,



Clamdog's Windjammer Elite Seabag
shown with Low Rider Monkey's Fist
Jan. 31, 2018

On January 31, 2018, at 9:02 AM, "M&B SHIPCANVAS CO." <> wrote:

Goodmorning Tom,

You should wait to thank us – until AFTER you’ve had a chance to evaluate those rabble rousing, bilge spoutin’, topsail needin, eye patch wearin’, peg-legged, two masted scallowags…

Aside from that, we’re glad to hear you’ve put the leather tag to good use! Great idea, seriously…

About the bag lanyard – we wouldn’t be needing one because it doesn’t show on the website. But if you have a couple yarns to spin about the 1/8” small stuff, and if you feel like it, we’d love to put something up for that.

Well, its back to work for me… We’re building like crazy for the Lovers Key, in hopes of a good show to carry us for awhile until the spring season kicks in. Last year the show was lots of fun. The crowd was small but we were busy the whole time. Meanwhile, thank you again… Always a pleasure Tom.

Keep on keepin’ in touch!

Ed Morris


From: tom
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: some other stuff


Ahoy all hands.

I just want to thank you again for funding my membership to the Am Schooner asso. That is so nice of you.. And I really appreciate it.

I removed the leather trademark tag from the hank of line.. and hung it on the lanyard of my elite, next to the monkeys fist. Boy that adds a really classy touch to a really classy sea bag. You should think about adding one to your bags. It really draws your eye (But what do I know)?

Well I guess that's it for now. I wish you best of luck and good fortune at the Lovers Key show. If I think of anything else I'll raise the Ensign.

Over and out,


On January 30, 2018, at 7:51 AM, "M&B SHIPCANVAS CO." <> wrote:



You’ve outdone yourself… Laughter and merriment has filled the she bang shop (yet again).

Welcome back, Tom!

Ed Morris



From: tom
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2018 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: some stuff

Ahoy M&B crew.

Yea been out of it for a few days. The boss lady had to go to Albany to watch  the nippers ( flu?). My sump pump died. Had to install a new modem ( a nightmare). So here's  my story:

1) the Capt. of the rat infested dark freighter that you paid two cents to ship my cargo, contacted me. He wanted ME to pay more because of the problems on the voyage. He told me that off the coast of Georgia, a British man o' war attempted to overtake and board them and but for a swift gulf current the cargo would have been  sent to the Queen. He said they survived the deadly January blows off Hatteras only to be floundered on the shoals off the back side of cape cod near Wellfleet, for two days. On their arrival in Boston the cargo was impounded at the customs house,due to a complaint by the Quaker underwriter's as to tampering with Fee's and Payments. What kind of people do you do business with?

2) I am thinking that when I decide to retire from my retirement, I will take up your off of employment. Someone has to whipp that place into ship shape and Bristol fashion. Of the four of you, not one can read a postal meter.

3) A Chinese buddy from high school (whom we later found out was an agent for the PDR of China), asked me via email, to turn over any drawings or info that I had on M&B. He wants to set a level playing field for the Yang See Trading Co. He said that they make she bangs also  (I think he means sea bags). He once asked me if I wanted to see a Chinese oar house. I though he ment like a boat house.that's not what he ment. I think I'll send Steve's drawing to  him.

4) Thank you very much for the Am schooner assoc. membership. That is really cool of you to do. I can't wait to push my weigh around at the Gt.ptown schooner regatta.

I'll be back soon

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